Raphaël B-Beaudoin

@ Amazing Brewing Company - Seongdong-gu

Huge selection of beers. The sampler is where the fun is at : 8 different beers, 5 classics and 3 of our choosing, 100ml of each. It's a fun tasting experience and, if you feel like more, will make sure you can go for a big glass of your favorite. I loved the English IPA and the Amber beer the most. The IPA had a beautifully fruity aroma of banana and grapefruit, while having a full body and a lingering and fresh bitter taste. I am really picky for my IPA and loved that one.

Food selection was decent and the prosciutto salad was okayish. Food is way too expensive for what it is and is certainly not the star of the show.

Still, going there for the tasting samplers is worthy enough by itself.

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