Janis Pok

@ Under Yard - Nonhyeon Dong

There were many times where my excitement was quickly met with disappointment when I finally got to a restaurant I saw through the aesthetically pleasing but deceiving photos. Instagram has a wonderful way of making things look ten times better than it actually is. But from the humble but hip interior design to the delicious food, it proved that Underyard isn’t just a pretty face.

Whoever said healthy food doesn’t taste yummy obviously never tried Underyard's salad. Yes, there are bacon bits, but hey, all the other superfoods in that bowl make up for it, right? The salad is topped with avocado, bacon bits, a boiled egg, steamed pumpkin bits, quinoa, and oats and is definitely filling.
The salmon and shrimp sandwich was on point. The smoked salmon didn’t smell fishy at all, and the white tartar sauce with shrimp bits inside really completed the sandwich. I loved how they cut the cucumbers and carrots into such thin slices, which made it easier and tastier to eat.

Location and limited seating- these are the two cons that I found to be the case at Underyard. There’s no subway station that is close, as it is located awkwardly between Apgu and Sinsa at the Dosan intersection. Spacing is limited to about 12 people, so it’s a great spot to have a 1:1 meeting if it’s not already full.

Despite some drawbacks, everything else made up for it and Underyard is definitely a spot I’ll be coming back to.

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