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Restaurant detailed information
Address: 455-47, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone Number: 02-792-4427
Cuisine: Sushi, Sashimi
Price Range: 10,000 ~ 20,000 Won
Parking: Valet Parking
Business Hours: 12:00 - 23:00

Nori Table's reviews (118)

  • So so
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    2 0

    It's my first time here. My lotus roll was delicious, the other rolls we order we're ok. we ordered total of three rolls and they didn't come all at once, so when we received our third roll and I still didn't get my lotus roll, we ask the waitress what happened to the order. She showed us the receipt and she put an extra roll to our order. Just be mind full, when they're taking orders they don't have a pen n notebook in hand. So they just put that extra roll to our order and it was too late when we noticed it cause we have already touch the rolls that came to our table. Kind of upset about it.

  • Tasty
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    Ben Kim

    5 15

    LA style rolls u can finally get in Korea, these guys just really know how to make amazing food!! Try the eelionaire roll and their katsu with special sauce thats handmade with a kick!! But pretty much all the food is good! Thumbs up

  • Tasty
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    Min Oh

    9 22

    Sushi with great service. Fried baby shrimp with garlic salt Spicy tuna roll Basca roll: Baked spicy scallop Awesome spot to let loose n get yo drank on.

  • Tasty
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    10 2

    So good! The best sushi place I've tried in Seoul. The only place you can get unique rolls. I love the addition of beef rolls. The hodori is so good and baked just right. The uni is fresh and the shiso leaves add a hint of extra flavor to the hand roll. If you're American and missing the taste of sushi at home then this is the only place you can go to. Great prices, lovely decor, amazing food!! Can't say enough good things about it!

  • Tasty
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    6 4

    Nori Table is my new favorite restaurant in Itaewon. It also fills the void I've been experiencing in the sushi department. The hand rolls are beautifully crafted, the Moro Creations rolls are filled with quality fish and house-made sauces. An incredible perk, the restaurant uses real wasabi and it is not to be missed.

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