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Restaurant detailed information
Address 739-17, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone Number 02-790-5633
Cuisine Italian
Price Range 20,000 ~ 30,000 Won
Parking Valet Parking
Business Hours 12:00 - 23:00
Break Time 15:00 - 18:00
Last order 14:00, 21:30

Updated: 2018. 2. 2

Maremma Trattoria's reviews (155)

Review (155)

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    3 3

    After the success of his first restaurant Cucciolo, Chef Julian Kim opened this second joint in the hip area of Hannam.
    Unlike his first place, the atmosphere is comfier and more laidback. The menu is completely different, focusing on a rounder, less aggressive taste.
    The bruschetta are great little snacks to have before the meal. A glass of prosecco was perfect to wash everything down.
    We had quite a lot of pasta (made daily) as shown in the pictures. The Milk Risotto was the perfect balance of creamy risotto and salty, savory prosciutto.
    The Prawn Linguine had a lot of shrimp and sauce had a really nice bisque character.
    The Orecchiette (ear shaped pasta) had nicely springy pasta and the pancetta butter sauce coated the pasta well.
    The Lamb Ragu, the deepest flavor of the bunch, was my personal favorite. The rich ragu sauce was lifted by a nutty sprinkling of pistachio and a touch of mint. The silky sheets of pappardelle gently mopped up all the sauce, filling the mouth of that oh-so rich flavor.
    I’ve heard many good things about the Main courses, especially the Sous-vide Duck Breast, which a friend of mine called the best duck in Seoul.
    The dessert was great as well. We had both desserts, the brownie with hazelnut icecream (homemade btw) and the olive oil cake with rosemary ice cream. We also got a Godfather cocktail that they recommended that went perfectly with the dessert.
    I’ll definitely be back to try all the other things I haven’t tried.
    Highly Recommended
  • Review User Picture
    Yoon-Ji Han

    43 19

    Lovely Italian restaurant tucked away in a side street in Itaewon! It’s a small but airy restaurant - try to get a table toward the floor-to-ceiling windows in the front. Now onto the food:

    * Bruschetta - we got the truffle honey ricotta and the tomato basil. Loved the toppings, the bread not so much. We were expecting the crunchy bread that’s usual for bruschetta, but this was soft and chewy.

    * Green salad - to balance out the carbs, ya know.

    * Truffle steak tartare - I’m not the biggest fan of steak tartare, but it seemed like a gud one.

    * Milk risotto - I heard this was one of their signature dishes, so of course we had to try it. It was creamy without being too heavy, and the prosciutto shavings on top balances out the cream. Overall yummy!

    * Tagliatelle pomodoro - Their housemade pasta is so 쫄깃쫄깃! Loved the al dente texture. The tomato sauce was tangy and sweet and creamy all at once - would recommend this!

    * Olive oil cake - We picked this at the waiter’s insistence, and didn’t disappoint. The cake isn’t too sweet, and the rosemary ice cream is a perfect combo.
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    1 0

    One of the best penne osso bucco and ice cream I’ve ever had. Delicious, quiet and very relaxing compared to the rest of crazy Itaewon. Must go!
    Special plus for Jean Jullien’s art on the walls. Nice touch
  • Review User Picture
    Haerhee Lee

    172 111

    Since the hype to this restaurant was so real, I almost WANT to give this place a higher rating, but simply cannot bring myself to.
    I came here with a friend of mine who happens to be Italian, a food lover, and an excellent cook himself. Having heard that this was one of the best Italian restaurants in Seoul, we were both quite excited to check it out.
    We ordered some bruscetta, the beef lasagna, and the sea bass entree.
    The food was decent, it really was. Portions were on the small side. What my Italian friend quietly commented was that the food at Maremma was up to par with the lower-scale restaurants back in Italy, and that for Korea, it was pretty good. But I expected far more. The beef lasagna was rather flavorless. The bruschettas were small but taste-wise good, and the sea bass, similarly, was tiny in quantity but pretty good.
    For the price, I was fairly annoyed. I did not wish to pay close to ₩30,000 for a mediocre lasagna.
    But be your own judge. The ambience is lovely. I was personally disappointed by the food, and as was my friend, but perhaps this really is the best that Seoul can offer in regards to authentic Italian cuisine.
    So so
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    395 288

    This place is mind blowingly good.


    Atmosphere is perfect.

    Food was perfect.

    Bruschetta was so delicious.

    Lamb ragu was out of this world. As was the pasta linguini.

    Highly, highly recommend!
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