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Restaurant detailed information
Address 84-1, Daesin-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone Number 02-363-4554
Cuisine Brunch, Burger, Sandwich
Price Range Less than 10,000 Won
Parking Free Parking
Business Hours 10:30 - 21:00
Break Time 15:30 - 17:00
Last order 20:30
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Updated: 2018. 2. 2

Lord Sandwich's reviews (115)

Review (115)

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    Is it the cheapest sandwich shop in Seoul? No. That award would probably go to Isaac Toast, although I have reservations about calling it a sandwich shop.

    Neighboring Standby Kitchen beats Lord Sandwich on price but LS has a bigger dining area, larger serving sizes, and more options. LS is pricier than SK and the difference in taste and sheer menu options makes that clear, although SK has better bread (IMO).

    That being said, Lord Sandwich was my oasis in the presumed sandwich desert known as Seoul.
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    The mushroom soup was really creamy and good! My friend had the Croque Madame open sandwich, which she said was also good! More than anything, Lord Sandwich has a very elegant and luxurious ambience.
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    87 5

    So so
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