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Wanna Go

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Restaurant detailed information
Address 402-17, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Phone Number 02-322-6746
Cuisine Korean BBQ
Price Range 10,000 ~ 20,000 Won
Parking No Parking Space
Business Hours 17:00 - 01:30
Day Off Mon

Updated: 2018. 2. 2

Dojeok's reviews (44)

Review (44)

  • Review User Picture
    Karin Cossette

    7 0

    I do eat samgyeopsal a lot, but Dojeok has one of the best samgyeopsal I’ve ever had! The meat is fresh, not frozen. It has 5 layers of meat and fat, and it tasted so good just by itself! Make sure to order the fresh pork belly.
    The service was very nice. They even helped us cook our meat. We’ll definitely come back when we visit again!
  • Review User Picture

    1 1

    It was really good, nice atmosphere. The place was filled with university students and the meat was a 8/10 for me. Each meat dish on the menu is enough for one person, and you get served kimchi, soup, and some vegetAbles on the side. The people were nice.
  • Review User Picture

    4 0

    Amazing place! Recommend 1000%
    The only thing I was sad about was that I was traveling alone and couldn't order more
  • Review User Picture

    27 0

    Delicious, and great cuts of pork. Very generous and fresh banchan and lettuce. We've been here a few times and have loved everything. Very good spicy pork!
  • Review User Picture
    Rachel T

    5 0

    The meat was so good! But one of the workers there was quite rude. Didn't even respond or come over when I asked politely. Gave a "I'm better than you." feel. Skinny guy with glasses.
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