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Sinsa-dong Branch

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Restaurant detailed information
Address: 523-21, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone Number: 02-515-8400
Cuisine: Other Western
Price Range: 10,000 ~ 20,000 Won
Parking: Paid Parking
Business Hours: Mon-Thu: 11:00 - 21:00
Fri-Sat: 11:00 - 21:30
Sun: 11:00 - 20:00
Break Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Bad Farmers's reviews (224)

  • Not good
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    Haerhee Lee

    196 88

    Came here with high expectations and waited a 30-minute line, and left sorely, sorely disappointed. Granted, my foodie friend informed me that she had her best salad in Seoul here, but that is simply because Seoul does NOT have ANY decent places to have salads. Not those puny little overpriced appetizer salads at Italian and American restaurants, but actual salad restaurants, like the lovely ones back in California. The salads here were mediocre. The salmon tasted old and slimy, the quantity small; overall, you could pick up simple ingredients from the store and whip up a much fresher better salad yourself. The open sandwiches, however, tasted quite good, but two tiny slices of bread with guacamole slathered on it for 7 bucks? No thank you. A decent salad, yes; but the hype and the price? Never.

  • So so
    Review User Picture

    360 237

    Will be very honest - I much enjoyed the meal, and may be inclined to visit again if I am in the hood, esp for a light brunch - but that is only because I am currently on a diet. Very healthy options and fresh ingredients, and if you go light on the dressing, calories could be much lower than what is stated on the board too. Nothing exceptional in terms of taste but not bad either and pretty filling. (I had the sweet 30, which I liked better than the bad farmers that I tried a bite) That said there are so many other places that you can get better bang for the buck. Too expensive for mostly chicken breast and greens that you get. Cute ambience, good for meeting up with girl friends. They also have a shop on 1/F which is fun to look around after the meal. Oh - and I hear this is the place for celebrity sightseeing. I saw Choi Hee.

  • Tasty
    Review User Picture

    505 497

    Finally a decent salad bar! The salad is chopped and pre-tossed with sauce so if you prefer salad with dressing on the side you should ask beforehand. I had the avocado and smoked salmon salad. It was very well balanced and tasty. The signature Bad Farmers salad was good but I preferred the salmon. The corn soup that comes with the salad is awful. It's a bit expensive for the portion but once you start eating it's not as small as it looks. The juice was great but again, kind of expensive.

  • Tasty
    Review User Picture

    15 2

    Wahhhh so yummy! Got the avo cobb(?) salad and avocado open toast. Very filling lunch!! Got here around 1 pm and there were like 5+ parties waiting after us! Gets pretty busy!

  • So so
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    400 276

    Love the name of this place. To me it conjures up an image of an angry farmer yelling at his vegetables. Or, some other sort of "bad" connotation, like a gangsta farmer or an evil mustache twisting farmer. But once you get past the name, it's only a mediocre food experience. Salads are definitely fresh with nutritious ingredients. But for the price you pay, one would expect bigger portions and something more... Delicious. It might also serve them well to broaden their menu slightly. If you're a dude, chances are you are not gonna come to this place, unless you are dragged by your gf. Having something that can satisfy a manly hunger would be a nice menu option.

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