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25,025 58 1,936
Restaurant detailed information
Address 149-5, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Phone Number 070-8613-5537
Cuisine Cafe, Dessert
Price Range Less than 10,000 Won
Parking No Parking Space
Business Hours 11:30 - 22:00

Updated: 2018. 2. 2

Cafe Bora's reviews (58)

Review (58)

  • Review User Picture
    Nancy Zheng

    103 4

    I prefer Sobok :-(

    When we went to this location, everything was out of stock except the ice cream..

    It was good but it was a bit grainy.
    So so
  • Review User Picture

    10 0

    My favorite was the purple yam ice cream! It was not too sweet and very refreshing. The bingsoo was good, however I didn’t like the grainy-ness of the sauce. Makes for a perfect Instagram picture hehe
  • Review User Picture

    4 0

    best ube ice cream ever. Place is small though. Still worth it.
  • Review User Picture

    6 2

    The Bora Bingsu is good. But the Bora ice cream is just so so
    So so
  • Review User Picture

    1 0

    Must check out this place! worth the trip for Instagram able dessert! Also the desserts are very small but in pictures they look big!
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