Geoin Tongdak


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34,059 33 1,245
Restaurant detailed information
Address 11-2, Bupyeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Busan
Phone Number 051-246-6079
Cuisine Poultry
Price Range 10,000 ~ 20,000 Won
Parking Paid Parking
Business Hours 12:00 - 21:00
Last order 20:00
Day Off Sun

Updated: 2018. 6. 18

Geoin Tongdak's reviews (33)

Review (33)

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    9 0

    They stopped selling flavoured chicken. Only one item in the menu. Fried chicken at 19000. It comes with one fried chicken and a small bottle of soft drink.

    Only take away available.

    10mins wait for a wednesday 5.30pm.

    The chicken is very crispy and tender. The seasoning is on point.

    I missed this fried chicken for a long time. This is the best fried chicken i’ve ever tried.

    Must visit!
  • Review User Picture

    8 0

    뭐지? 왜 양념치킨은 메뉴에서 사라진 거지?

    양은 푸짐. 그런데 평점 4점대의 맛이라고? 응???
    So so
  • Review User Picture

    39 9

    원래 웨이팅이 길다 들었는데 평일에가니 웨이팅은 없었다. 사진에 보이는듯이 양이 정말 많다. 두명에서 먹었는데 거의 반은 남긴것 같다. 맛은 그냥 잘튀긴 바삭한 후라이드 치킨맛이고 그렇게 특별한 것은 잘못느끼겠다. 양이 많기때문에 3명이상에 무조건 먹을것을 추천
    So so
  • Review User Picture

    47 0

    내 인생 최고 치킨집.
  • Review User Picture

    1 0

    완전 맛있어요!!
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