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Restaurant detailed information
Address: 647-19, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone Number: 02-544-4256
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: 20,000 ~ 30,000 Won
Parking: Valet Parking
Business Hours: 11:00 - 23:00

Melting Shop's reviews (126)

  • So so
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    496 616

    Cute little place officially to be open from 11/1. Don't know if the menu is going to stay fixed but we had the following for 5 people: 1. Clam Popper and Yuza green salad 2. Tuna and Grape Salad Piadina (flatbread) 3. Wasabi Soft Crab Popover 4. White Pizza Melt and Crab Bisque 5. Caprese Salad Pasta 6. Wine Oxtail Pesto Risotto 7. Desserts (on the house) Portions are quite small so we were able to eat everything. Wine oxtail and the wasabi soft crab popover were yummy and actually I would say the melt with the crab bisque was simple and yummy too. However, I felt the overall composition of the menu to be a little confusing probably because it was still a working menu? I didn't quite get the pickled radish, for example,that tasted like the free ones that come with your fried chicken delivery. The best thing I had there was the ricotta icecream popsicle with maple syrup! I would definitely go back just to eat that. Really nice space with high ceilings. Definitely recommend sitting on the second floor. I want to go back in a few months to see how it changed.

  • Tasty
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    400 276

    There's expensive for the sake of being expensive and then there is expensive for amazingly awesome food. This place is expensive, but which of the two categories is it? Unfortunately, the neighborhood where this restaurant lies is full of the first categories. Like male peacocks flashing their feathers, cheongdam and apgujeong are filled with restaurants that are glad to reach into your pocket and charge you $25 (*ahem* Mallang Mallang *ahem*) for a beer, but whose quality of food barely tops a Midwestern Applebees. As you walk in, all signs point to the first -- overpriced -- scenario, as there is plenty of plastic surgery filling the seats here Fortunately, when the food arrives, you will be pleasantly surprised. At least, I was happily surprised. In all honesty, the food was amazingly delicious and I would have been happy to pay much more. We ordered a couple of dishes - the soft shell crab and the vodka rigatoni. They were both so delicious. Each takes the classic dish and makes it better. The classic dishes are augmented with some unique flavors that complement, rather than detract from, the base ingredients. In the case of the crab, it's paired with lettuce topped with dressing that tastes of bubble gum / inca cola. In the cAse of the rigatoni, it's spicy sausage that adds a kick to the vodka red sauce. Not only was the food tasty, but it was artfully presented. And not in a way that comes off as (too) tacky or trying too hard. There were a few minor complaints (like I can only hear the song Mac the Knife or Mr Sandman so many times in one sitting). In any case, despite the looping Mr Sandman track (or maybe because of it?!) I'll be dreaming of going back and trying some of the other dishes.

  • Tasty
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    Janis Pok

    80 124

    The Melting Shop opened last year by the famous fusion Italian restaurant, The Tasting Room. Here are some dishes I tried last time. The wasabi soft shell crab popover with french oak salad was a really pleasant surprise. At first glance, we were semi-skeptical about the wasabi part, but decided to go for it anyway. The soft shell crab melts in your mouth and wasabi paste has a buttery garlic flavor with a slight wince of wasabi, consisting of fish eggs that popped with every bite. The salad was dressed with lemonade and sprinkled with some parmesan cheese. We also ordered was the port wine oxtail pesto risotto. My initial impression that I got from this dish was that it was very Korean. The oxtail tasted very similar to steamed ribs (갈비찜) and the creamy risotto was topped with some sesame leaves (깻잎). So if you’re down with that, then I would recommend this dish. The blue velvet sour cream cake was a genius combination of sweet and sour. Who knew sour cream could go so well with cake? The flurried powdered sugar not only served as a great visual appeal, but also as a sweetener that contrasted with the sour cream. There are fresh blueberries inside as well. The pavlova had vanilla ice cream sandwiched between stacks of meringues and mulberry syrup drizzled on top. Definitely on the pricier side, but so worth it!

  • So so
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    682 954

    The atmosphere was modern. Waited for over an hour just to find out that the upstairs was completely empty. I was so hungry yet the food was so so. All the dishes were original and something I have not had but also missing something. The menu is not finalized but overall was not impressed. They were mostly all a little sweet for me although others around me enjoyed it. The desserts were awesome! I will have to try this place out after the menu is fixed.

  • Tasty
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    Mike Kim

    385 120

    Very cute corner bistro that fits right into the neighborhood. Stepping into melting shop takes you away from Seoul and lands you in what could easily be a country side French chateau. The menu is eclectic, with a straight line towards the wild. The soft shell crab popover would have Tyler Florence jumping ( In a good way ) and their signature dessert, the "melting" cheesecake is delicious. Solid spot for a Sunday evening out.

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