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Goldfish Dimsum Cuisine


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Restaurant detailed information
Address 657-5, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone Number 02-511-5266
Cuisine Dim Sum, Dumpling
Price Range Less than 10,000 Won
Parking Valet Parking
Business Hours 10:00 - 22:00
Break Time 15:00 - 17:45
Last order 13:50
Day Off Tue

Updated: 2017. 5. 23

Goldfish Dimsum Cuisine's reviews (133)

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    133 165

    lollllzzz a good two months after my actual visit and my review goes up only now oops :X oh well, procrastination dictates that good things take their sweet, sweet time and YUMMMM!!!! not usually in this area, but for dim sum I trek the distance. This place only takes staggered reservations, and there's only one time slot for dinner (??..???? okie) which is a shame cuz the line is almost monstrous meurgh. thankfully I made a reservation earlier during the week for a Saturday, and my friend and I glided in. we got the usual suspects (so basic it hurts but tried-and-true first before exploring) - har gau (shrimp), jiu cai jiao (chives, shrimp, pork), signature fried rice, and mutteok (...?? diced and fried radish) - everything SUCCESSSS!!!!! multiple exclamation marks completely necessary and never redundant because all the ingredients danced in my mouth - it was a v enthusiastic rendition of a drunken, joyous jig. the shrimp bits were massive, and the dim sum wrappers weren't too thick. I personally enjoyed the chives cuz more flavor and texture, but both excellent. you can never go wrong with fried rice, and although at first it tasted pretty familiar, you just can't help wolfing each rice grain. the complete surprise was the mutteok though (again, fried radish) DID.NOT.EXPECT; actually, didn't know what to expect but it burst with so much ....refreshing???? flavor. not too greasy but not too light, spicy enough, and it honestly wasn't heavy at all. AM COMING BACK YA JUST WAIT. I'm thinking of noodles for next time, but could also go for another round of dim sum + rice + radish. Service was also super friendly and attentive :)))
  • Review User Picture
    Lulu's Dad

    17 8

    I had high expectations and Goldfish fell way short. For the food was OK. The Signature Shrimp fried rice was too salty and almost burnt. The soup dumplings and shrimp dumplings I ordered were nothing special. To be honest Jeremie 20, a low cost quick serve alternative to Goldfish was much better value as it it almost half the cost. I don't mind paying for good food, just feel that for spending 70k won, I should get more flavor since I am not getting the quantity. The best thing here was the stir fried beef flat noodles. Tastes like chow fun, but even then my local NYC Chinese food place would be much better at about half the price and twice the volume, so approximately 4x better value back home. Please check for yourself, perhaps my expectations were ruined by other folks really pumping this place up.
    Not good
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    Annie Bananie

    3 0

    Warm and cozy but the food was so so. I visited at around 1pm. I ordered every type of dim sum that was offered and ma la noodle. The dim sum was too watery, and the noodle was overcooked. Overall, I liked the atmosphere but I wouldn't come back for the food. Dim sum wise mong joong hun was better.
    So so
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    731 1018

    This is definitely one of the best dimsum places in Seoul. I was very disappointed to find out that hey did not have shumai on the day I went. How can a dimsum place run out of shumai??? The same thing just happened to me at crystal jade.
  • Review User Picture
    Joanne Park

    185 160

    pretty decent
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