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Restaurant detailed information
Address 1321-8, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Phone Number 02-582-1990
Cuisine Vietnamese
Price Range 10,000 ~ 20,000 Won
Parking Valet Parking
Business Hours 11:00 - 22:00

Updated: 2018. 2. 2

Vinh Loi's reviews (115)

Review (115)

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    Mike Kim

    514 160

    Great pho!
  • Review User Picture

    17 4

    Like Fletcher Reede in Liar Liar, I've had better.
    So so
  • Review User Picture

    167 47

    Good but not impressive. Prices are slightly above average, portions are big, ingredients fresh. Pho was similar to Emoi (so also average). Might be my personal taste, but I still prefer Papa Pho in Hapjeong. But! Special notice to friend chicken side: its amazing. Crispy and tender, with just enough garlic-y taste. Also cheap. Will prob drop by again for dinner on my way home.
    So so
  • Review User Picture

    3 0

    Had the grilled pork with rice. It was pretty good. Also had the beef tenderloin with brisket pho. The broth was very tasty.
  • Review User Picture
    Lulu's Dad

    14 9

    Have been here many times, but find that this most recent visit was lacking. The broth was less than flavorful and the meat and tendon that I love was nearly impossible to find.

    I know the place is always busy, but I just don't understand why anymore. I find Little Saigon a few blocks up north much better. Perhaps this concept is on cruise control and just cashing in on its reputation.

    I am dying for a place like +84 to move into Gangnam.
    Not good
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