Cafe Tae Hee


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97,510 53 2,426
Restaurant detailed information
Address 1575-3, Gwakji-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Phone Number 064-799-5533
Cuisine Seafood
Price Range Less than 10,000 Won
Parking No Parking Space
Business Hours 09:00 - 21:00

Updated: 2018. 2. 2

Cafe Tae Hee's reviews (53)

Review (53)

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    허성우 (HUR SUNG WOO)

    3 0

    This little cafe by the sea has one of the best fish and chips. We shall return!
  • Review User Picture
    Steven Shin (신상윤)

    3 0

    After a long day of hiking Mt. Halla, had a sudden craving for some fish & chips. Came here and wow! Was incredibly delicious!! The fish was fried just right with the right balance of crispy and flavor! Would highly recommend this place and will come back in the future.
  • Review User Picture

    3 1

    Best fried shrimps- so tender!
  • Review User Picture

    51 7

    A small place on the northwest corner of the island. We had the fish and chips and they were much better than expected, both fish and chips were fried fresh and a healthy portion for the price. A good variety of beer is available, with San Miguel on tap. I'd like to visit again.
  • Review User Picture

    3 4

    Yas, lekker! Fish & chips with tarter sauce
    The burger is also pretty decent, and the chips; crispy outside soft on the inside and BIG
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