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Restaurant detailed information
Address 57-61, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Phone Number 02-334-1181
Cuisine Cafe, Dessert
Price Range Less than 10,000 Won
Parking Paid Parking
Business Hours 11:00 - 23:00
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Updated: 2018. 2. 2

The Pie Hole's reviews (201)

Review (201)

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    6 0

    Ordered the pumpkin pie (6000) and the green tea pie (6500). The pumpkin pie had a good pumpkin flavour and worked well with the whipped cream but did taste slightly too starchy for my liking at times. The green tea pie was on point though. Crust was great, filling had a nice robust green tea flavour with a balanced sweet taste. Highly recommend the green tea pie! The shop was quite crowded and so takeaway might be a better option.
  • Review User Picture
    Nancy Zheng

    103 4

    Super tasty pie but the place was sooo packed that I had to take my pumpkin pie to-go :’(

    The pie slices are not big at all and if you’re expecting warm large portions of pie- this place is just mediocre.
  • Review User Picture
    Julie Tran

    12 2

    The pumpkin pie was yummy! It had a slight cinnamon flavour to it which was a nice touch. I thought the crust was a bit too thick so it was quite hard to break into it using the fork.
    The place gets pretty packed with a very social atmosphere - good to go with friends to catch up but if you want some quiet time to just relax, this probably isn’t the best place for it!
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    384 59

    You come here thinking that you're not hungry but always end up getting a piece of cake each. I came here on Tuesday and Thursday and the cakes/pies on offer were different on both days. Absolutely loved the chocolate oreo and the malcha that I had today. Great service, great vibes, a Yonsei favorite.
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    7 9

    They probably have the best matcha dessert I’ve ever had!! Great balance of sweet and earthy rich matcha flavour.

    I’d skip the pumpkin and fig tarts tho, underwhelming in taste at its given price points. Also, they expect every patron to order 1 item each.
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