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Best Take-Out Gimbap


“Not getting out of bed.”

Best Take-Out Gimbap

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You know those days when you.just.cannot?

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No matter how hard you try, you.... you just can't. Period. End of.

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And on days when you just want to become one with your couch...

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do you REALLY think cooking a sit-down meal is going to happen? #aintnoonegottimeforthat

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Praise be to all the take-out gimbap places that work tirelessly to help us not starve.

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Friend's has been my BEST FRIEND since before I was even born and that's a beautiful thing

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There are a few noteworthy gimbap spots around town, but none of them quite like Lee's.

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Behold: stuffed tuna gimbap to beat ALL tuna gimbap in the land.

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Basically, you have Seoho to thank for all its gimbap progeny that bless your lazy ass.

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There are enough rolls to last you an entire lifetime and a half here.


And look: we're all human. Sometimes you might not want to do anything even on holiday.

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If that's the case: I got you, fam.

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When you go to Jeju-do, you eat fresh fish. It's more or less an incontestable creed.

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Not just gimbap, but a plethora of goods to help with your horizontal, sedentary cardio.

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Homemade taste without the blood, sweat, and tears, in Daegu!

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Even when you're out tanning on the beach in Busan, you may wish to be back home.

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But don't go until you've at least purchased some of Sodami's iconically adorable rolls.

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Gone are the days when being lazy or anti-social invited scorn from those around you.

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The world and all the food's yours for the taking, homebodies ❤️ Never change ❤️

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