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Hottest Bakeries in Seoul



Hottest Bakeries in Seoul

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Let's say in a perfect world, you could have anything you wanted-

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Let the revelry begin.


First on our list is one of the newest carb purveyors in the block.

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In a nondescript neighborhood, with an equally nondescript placard...


...lies some of the finest baked goods, cakes, and pastries in perhaps the entire city.

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LIKE THIS MATCHA CHIFFON CAKE WHUT (cuz the love for matcha will never die).

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @맛난거먹쟈

Run by a couple who honed their craft in France - and their efforts DEFINITELY show.

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Kicking it in Itaewon with fancy bread and even fancier coffee.

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Cuz one location in Sadang couldn't sufficiently fulfill our craving for Fave croissants.

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And you can of course partake in a bit of people-watching with your bread in tow.

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Speaking of branching out...the ever popular Fritz strikes again, this time in Jongno!

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All the baked goods you tried and failed to get your hands on in Mapo, you can get here!!!

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An added appeal to this location is, of course, the hanok building. ALL.THE.HANOK.AYEE.

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If you're not eating your danish pastries in a hanok house, you're doing it wrong.

 Pictures Instagram ID @elly0826

Don't let the insane lines at this Seongsu-dong bakery deter you.

 Pictures Instagram ID @jjo_o12

One bite of their legendary cubic breads filled with custard, and you can never go back.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @깹이

If you're not one for cloyingly sweet custard, their buttery scones happen to be superb.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @깹이

A display case lined with row upon row of neatly packaged bread loaves can do no wrong.

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I'm telling you; this can't possibly be in Seoul. LOOK AT THOSE CHALKBOARD AESTHETICS.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @JENNY

But Scoff in Seochon is possibly the only place where a brownie in hanok just feels right.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @샤샤❤

Not to mention the most useful and significant contribution of the British: scones.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @JENNY


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Yet another bakery with insane lines and equally insane bread, but completely necessary.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @이보나

Only the most fly It-people will tout their eponymous green, paisley(?) logo.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @이보나

So exclusive that their most popular croissant ("Dirty Choco") is almost always sold out.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @준영

If you miss out on their croissants, I guessss you'll have to make do with their bread.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @Olivia Kim

Such a hard life.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @공은주

I present to you the worthy rival and arch nemesis of the cubic bread: Cafe Onion.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @나겸

While the industrial-chic is now pervasive and in-your-face, Onion was the pioneer.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @이주영

And there's no other place that does the industrial complex conversion look justice.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @미야우

Overnight/ Instagram sensations can be all show, no substance, but Onion is different.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @준영

Worth mentioning is their powdered sugar-topped bread cones. #YUMMZZZ.

 Pictures Instagram ID @onelike25

Rounding out the list is another Itaewon gem (cuz Itaewon > everywhere else).

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @맛난거먹쟈

Cute motif? Check. Abunddant and delicious supply of bread? Check check check.

 Pictures Instagram ID @jdddworld

Where else in Seoul will you actually find a place that does proper cinnamon rolls? HMMM??

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @minimo

My type of sanctuary. #canihavethislife

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You may have your insipid relationship; I will have my bagels and rye and sourdough.

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