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Best Korean Spots in NYC Pt. 2


“The quest continues.”

Best Korean Spots in NYC Pt. 2

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ANNNNDDDDD we're back with the good stuff.

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I'm talking Korean food in New York, obviously.

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First stop is the Korean mother hen of restaurants, Cho Dang Gol.

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I say 'mother hen' because whatever your heart desires is what you shall have.

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For ex: for particularly crappy days when all you want to do is kick back with some jeon.

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Or when you miss home, and all you want is rolled omelettes like your mom's.

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Those preconceptions you had of a Korean BBQ place - smoky and smelly? Chuck 'em out.

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Don's Bogam is here to show you that not all Korean BBQ spots are created equal.

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They've even come up with a solution for the preternaturally indecisive: noodle halfies!

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And rumor has it that a certain hotshot ex-footballer is a regular.

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Actually, no, not a rumor. Thierry Henry: the evidence is all over Instagram.

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When you're a millennial, good food just won't suffice. It's good food + Insta vibes now.

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And "Her Name is Han" has mastered the good-looking home-style cooking formula.

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Nowhere else in the city will you find Korean-style donkatsu that is as picturesque.

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Not to mention: sesame ice cream. SESAME. ICE. CREAM. PRETTY. SESAME. ICE. CREAM.

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If you ever entertained the thought of mixing Korean and Spanish food, you're TOO LATE.

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"Thursday Kitchen" sticks to tapas-style small bites with Korean and Spanish inflections.

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From caramelized (!) kimchi paella to crispy chicken - fill up on various noms all at once

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All washed down with Capri-Sun for adults - aka soju in a pouch. #koreanmuch

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Be prepared to spend some very very VEEEERRRRYYYYY big bucks.

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Cuz this seared octopus with gochujang aioli > your monthly rent. #JOKESSS

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But in all seriousness, the experience at Michelin 2-star Jungsik is like no other.


Fresh ingredients, unbound creativity, and, per fancy restaurant tradition, tiny-ass food.

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Did I mention unbound creativity? BEHOLD: tiny banana, or dessert encased in tiny banana?

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When you think of Korea, you think ramyun, ramyun, and Psy (just go with it).

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But "Mokbar" isn't your average shady back-alley ramyun joint.

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You won't even require the extra side dishes, since they'll just be piled on top.

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But if you REALLY want, you can, of course, get the kimchi loaded fries.

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And crispy hotteok with pork belly and kimchi pear puree. #savorydessertftw

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Don't just look and drool. GET. YOURSELF. ON. A. PLANE. BOUND. FOR. NEW. YORK. NOW.

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Cuz DAYUMMM do I need all this food in my mouth right now.

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Inserting ending gif of unbridled joy to emphasize enthusiasm for NYC Korean food. EYYYYY.

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