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Best Korean Spots in NYC Pt. 1



Best Korean Spots in NYC Pt. 1

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Everyone knows Korea is where the party - and eating - starts and never ends.

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But today, let's think more global. #cuzdiversity #lovetrumpshate

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Methinks of the concrete jungle of dazzling possibility, where dreams are made or broken.

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Mmmhmm, let's get eating in the Big Apple, betches ❤

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Who'd've thought that some of the best Korean spots outside of Korea could coexist...

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In the city of bagels, lox, and the Infatuation-worthy restaurants?

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Nowhere better to start than at Chef Hooni Kim's most recent brainchild, Hanjan.

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From the old and standard flavors of Korean cuisine (think kimchi and bibimbap)...

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arose delightfully novel and unknown gastronomical concoctions, like crispy crab with tofu

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Not to mention that Chinese Tuesday always delivers on beloved Chinese-Korean staples.

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With a name that literally means 'one drink,' it would be criminal to skimp on the spirits

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The name might ring a very, veeery sizable bell.

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Who else could run the most popular Korean BBQ chain than this little one?

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In the spirit of all that is Korean BBQ, there's nothing better than sharing at large.

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One more #foodporn shot, meat, cheese, eggs, and vegetables included.

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If you're more of a traditional, classics-or-nothing type, then this one's for you.

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From the neon sign to the elderly resting outside, everything screams 'old-school Korea.'

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Eat together to be happy together ❤️

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If you thought meat was all that consisted of Korean food though, you're wrong. #fact

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Posh, upscale, and healthy, Hangawi does vegetarian like none of its counterparts.

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Check your shoes at the door and enjoy sumptuous, vegan delights in Koreatown.

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Not to mention 110 points on presentation alone. #instagramready

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When you didn't think you needed another modern 'Asian' restaurant, but you actually did.

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Kick off your meal with the 'Chiljeolpan,' crepes with assorted sides to stuff with.

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Anything is possible at Oiji. See: octopus w/ butter gochujang and perilla leaf pesto.

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Popeyes made gainz with spinach; Koreans bulk up with slow-cooked oxtail and root veggies.

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There's always comfort to be found in a bowl of jangjorim buttered rice.

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Honey Butter Chips, aka the It-item of Korea 2015, aka your new favorite dessert.

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Rounding out the list is, of course, a vital pit stop for both visitors and locals in NYC.

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Nothing could rival in terms of iconic status than David Chang's pork belly buns.

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But true followers will have you know that the ssam is pretty much the Queen B here.

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Holla at my spicy-food aficionados: Sichuan peppercorn-fried rice cakes with sausage.

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But let's be real here: when at Momofuku, the only righteous path is the duck ssam.

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Can it be said that going to New York is on everyone's bucket list? *Hint: yes.

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My advice though? Don't go for the pizza and Halal Guys (too obvious).

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