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Celebrity-Owned Joints Pt. 2



Celebrity-Owned Joints Pt. 2

 Pictures wifflegif.com

Stars seem to exist like the perfect beings they are on the red carpet alone.

 Pictures araftakayboldum.tumblr.com

But think you can't ever see your unni/ oppa/ forever love in real life?

 Pictures www.reddit.com


 Pictures thunderpunks.tumblr.com

Cuz if there's one thing better than seeing your favorite celeb in magazines...

 Pictures giphy.com

It's watching your favorite celeb cook up brunch or brew a cup of coffee. FOR YOU.

 Pictures giphy.com

Now let's see which of your most beloved Korean A-listers will be that special someone.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @s2shyun

He's/ they're in Japan most of the time anyway; they've probably become ramen masters.

 Pictures http://www.tattoopinners.com/seungri-taeyang-tattoo

Aigoooo, eternally cute, our Big Bang maknae, Seungri.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @o4x23

She taught us how to eat noodles in the only way we should eat noodles.

 Pictures www.pinterest.com

A funny and busy lady, that Lee Guk-joo.

 Pictures MangoPlate iD @Janis Pok

If by 'shit,' you mean encountering this cereal cafe's owner, then let it all happen.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @수현 강

They say the owner is one cereal hottie, cuz serial = cereal. GET IT? #muchfunny

 Pictures http://s147.photobucket.com

Actor extraordinaire, one-time boy band member, and... resident cutie, Yoon Kye-sang?

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @길

There's a reason this cafe is so hip and artsy.

 Pictures Instagram ID @nnahyunn

The owner, after all, doesn't just stick to his day job; he also dabbles in photography.

 Pictures www.youtube.com

Koyote wouldn't be, well, Koyote, without this guy, Bbaek Ga.

 Pictures Instagram ID @hrannn626

Sleek, minimalist, and incomparably cool.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @Hyunchul Kim

As they say, like cafe, like cafe owner.

 Pictures http://mybyj29.blogspot.kr

Once a heartthrob, always a heartthrob. #WinterSonataForever

 Pictures Instagram ID @_jin.nn_

Classy late-night eats, as fit for an artiste or... R&B crooner?* *Hint.

 Pictures www.youtube.com

Urban Zupaka's dulcet tones (aka Korea's best R&B group), Park Yong-in, everybody.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @진진쓰

And the best for the grand finale.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @D3

The decor of this cafe is just as ...URGH *heart palpitations* as the owner himself.

 Pictures yooahinsikseekland.wordpress.com

I see you with your devlishly cute smile and eyes, you heartbreaker you, Yoo Ah-in.

 Pictures giphy.com

Near, far, wherEEEEVEERRR you are....

 Pictures ruinedchildhood.com

UMMM nope, casually came here for coffee and LOOK WHO I JUST SAW AND MADE ME COFFEE.

 Pictures ruinedchildhood.com

Oh, ok. I'll try to control myself. #DYING #DEAD #DONE #LIFEISMADE

 Pictures www.reddit.com

Even though you told me no close-ups, I still love you and ate your food. #kbye #dead

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