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Myeongdong Food Tour


“Eat 'til you drop.”

Myeongdong Food Tour

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You've been planning for months/ years for your trip to Korea, and now that you're here...

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Yeah. #TakeMyMoney

 Pictures fuckyeahbusanboys.tumblr.com

How 'bout that?

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And when you want to spend all your money on useless things you don't actually need...

 Pictures bananadickcrumblebiatch.tumblr.com

There's no better place than Myeongdong in Seoul, aka the shopping mecca of Seoul.

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While Myeongdong has much, and by 'much' I mean everything, to offer in terms of shopping,

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there is no shortage of good #eeeeeats.

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Tourists and locals line up day in and out for these hand-torn noodles.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @R-Yoontz

Founded in Taipei, but found in Seoul.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @NathanKim

Beef bone soup just like how Grandma made it.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @진희

This may just look like rolled rice with spicy octopus, but it's so much more than that.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @띵시

Green tea bingsu is as prevalent as cosmetic surgery clinics in Korea.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @Eun

But the more the merrier, amirite? Especially when it comes with waffles.


If you're lucky, you might even catch a sight of Big Bang at this YG-owned BBQ joint.

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Crispy is as crispy gets.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @망고푸딩

Naengmyeon can trace its origins back to our brethren up north.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @퐝뎅

If you can't stand those red pepper flakes, fear not.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @Angie Kim

Awarded 2 stars by the Michelin Guide this year. #Winning

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @Angie Kim

You know a restaurant is fancy af when the entire meal fits within the palm of your hand.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @양재흥

Samgyetang will make you swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @예 림

Goroke is one of the most ingenious creations by the Japanese. This is an enhanced version

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @지은

Late-night eats better than Benihana. Much better.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @푸짐

I know I want a towering mountain of chocolate bingsu each and every day of my life.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @ynhwang24

#Artsy #Aesthetics #Dessertstagram

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