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Yonsei Univ. Food Tour


“Growing pains + joys.”

Yonsei Univ. Food Tour

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When March rolls around, it's back to school for college students in Korea!

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...I'm sorry. *cue the torrential ugly Kim K cries*

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it's gotta be done.

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Might as well make the best of it, accompanied by...

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All the food for emotional sustenance.

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And Sinchon (Yonsei University's home turf) has no shortage of soul-enriching noms.

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I am now ready to eat ALL. MY. FEELS.

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Sandwiches: fast, delicious, and down in three bites.

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Beneath that small Everest of melted cheese lies a river full of chicken.

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Whatchu say to some Butanchu ramen?

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They said pasta in Korea was an impasta. They were wrong.

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Student life has its ups and downs. It's only right to take some of that edge off.

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Oh, Dearest Brother of Mine.

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Keep calm and curry on and on and on.

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Made in Korea with Chinese hands: the realest of real deals.

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When you want something quick but filling and also not too harsh on your wallet.

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If you don't know this restaurant, you've basically revoked your Yonsei student status.

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In first place in the Sinchon Restaurant Hall of Fame.

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An honorable close second in the Sinchon Restaurant Hall of Fame.

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One donkatsu per day; this is good.

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Steam me some buns, boy.

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Or an entire table full of dumplings. Either way is fine.

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When enjoying samgyeopsal, it's only right to have eggs and cheese grilling on the side.

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The beauty of this galbi? Well, for starters, you get a workout while filling your stomach


No chairs in sight? No problem; just mill around the grill.

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The menu of choice for generations of Yonsei graduates on graduation day.

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I didn't choose the pie of life; the Life of Pi(e) chose me (pun intended).

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See that light at the end of the tunnel? It's not so bad after al-

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Ahhhh. Never you mind then.

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...at least you've got food?

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See you in six months.

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