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Tteokbokki 101


“~*All the choices*~”

Tteokbokki 101

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South Korea: the land of K-Pop, fashion, and...

 Pictures Source: Hayon Yoon

This: only the best human invention since sliced bread.

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Yeah, we've got it good.

 Pictures www.logotv.com

What's more, you get to have your pick of the litter depending on your mood.

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Probably the most standard version of tteokbokki: red, red, red, and plentiful.

 Pictures Instagram ID @hao_livia

"Jeukseok" can literally be translated to "on the spot."

 Pictures Instagram ID @yhj97042

In case you want to fulfill your Chinese food cravings.

 Pictures Instagram ID @hyejin01260126

Once the food for kings, queens, and the nobility, but now accessible to all. #democracy

 Pictures Instagram ID @cafeplaceone

Pan-fried in a wok of blistering oil, just the way I like it.

 Pictures Instagram ID @eunhye_hyehye

Keep calm and curry (tteokbokki) on.

 Pictures Instagram ID @hanzan__sadang

Tteokbokki a la carbonara.

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Cheesing hard all day errday.

 Pictures gif-database.tumblr.com

Choices are your best friend.

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