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Best Gimbap in South Korea


“Rolls on rolls on rolls.”

Best Gimbap in South Korea

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Story time: it's date night with bae, and as things are looking hot and steamy...

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...you encounter your first, most unwanted Awkward Moment.

 Pictures imgur.com

Only one thing needed to ROLL out the kinks (pun very much intended).

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @sally

40 plus years of making the nation's top three gimbap and counting!

 Pictures Instagram ID @ssong___v

Sprinkle some toasted sesame on me.

 Pictures Instagram ID @na7740

King-sized gimbap is where it's at.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @투비써니

Kill THREE birds with one stone by eating not one, but two more sides with your gimbap.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @허니꿀잼

The gimbap of choice for the city's fashionistas and trendsetters.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @박수연

Generous amounts of abalone, as they do in Jeju Province.

 Pictures Instagram ID @najackson___n

The kiosk lady may seem innocuous, but beware the crack gimbap she dishes out.

 Pictures Instagram ID @ssong.g

If a roll of gimbap alone doesn't quite fill you up, there's always old-school ramyun.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @홍콩오리

The mothership of all gimbap brethren.

 Pictures Instagram ID @zae.one

Enjoying rolls in the nude.

 Pictures Instagram ID @hwangban

Taking knowing what goes into your food to a whole new level.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @모이모이짱

Pile 'em up.

 Pictures Instagram ID @yhs8938

A little bit of this and a little bit of that to make an explosion of colors.

 Pictures giphy.com

Mmm, let the good times roll.

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