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Korean Home-style Cooking


“Hi Mom!”

Korean Home-style Cooking

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When life gives you lemons, there's only one person who can make them flit away.

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That would be Mommy dearest, the most special person in your life, with her ready hugs...

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Along with anything from her kitchen of wonders.

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And while you may have flown the nest, you never quite forget the taste of Mom's food.

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Gimme all the bap.

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Chicken is an absolute necessity for growing children.

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You'll never miss out on home-style cooking, even on the outskirts of the countryside!

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Even the pickiest of eaters won't turn their heads at this BBQ (tofu) steak.

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It's never a complete meal at the parentals' without a plate of protein.

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Checking off all your daily required nutrients without any pomp, fuss, or frills.

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The best, biggest plate of meat for Mom's special little nugget.

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Mom's biggest wish is for you to grow strong by eating your fish.

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Overflowing with banchan after banchan, just like your dinner spread back home.

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Instagram aesthetics 24/7, even at your humble abode.

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Mom knows that you deserve a creamy treat once in a while.

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A slightly classier affair than what you're used to at home. But you're still da best, mom

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You'll never get stuck in a rut with Namisu's daily shifting rotation of side dishes.

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Sharing is caring, so make sure the yummiest bits are in the middle of the table.

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Mommy-approved ❤︎

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