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Best Fried Dumpling Spots


“Maaandu these taste good.”

Best Fried Dumpling Spots

 Pictures www.galileo.tv

There are dumplings, aka pockets of perfection. And then there are FRIED dumplings.

 Pictures rebloggy.com

Oooof. Ok, I'm good now. You were saying? Yes, fried pockets. All the fried things.

 Pictures Instagram ID @jinny292

Eaten alone: delicious. When paired with this restaurant's cucumber relish: mmMMM.

 Pictures Instagram ID @smile_hanaya

These dumplings may seem like they have thick skin, but they're really just tender souls.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @MK

Bridging cultural divides one dumpling at a time: first up is Haha's Chinese potstickers.

 Pictures Instagram ID @jeongbok.1

You can never go wrong with traditional market finds.

 Pictures Instagram ID @kathy_catcat

Choose from not one, not two, not three, but four types of mandu. Obvi fried though.

 Pictures Instagram ID @john_light_year

You certainly won't be needing your soy sauce with these, as the skin is pre-seasoned.

 Pictures Instagram ID @dolddi_kim

One DOES simply trek to Gyeongsangbuk-do for just a single bite of these dumplings.

 Pictures Instagram ID @ayoungkim512

Nobody gets between my perfect row of dumplings and myself.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @소만이

Practically one of Itaewon's most treasured haunts at this point.

 Pictures Instagram ID @nomadic_heejoon

No cellophane noodles were harmed while stuffing these gigantic dumplings.

 Pictures Instagram ID @sujeong_eeee

Flattened, rolled, and sizzled to a thin, flawless crisp.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @깔루아

Topped with spicy noodles and veggies for some extra ~*flair*~

 Pictures slitherup.tumblr.com

Can't...stop...eating...all...the dumplings.

 Pictures www.vulture.com

Because once a Dumpling Guy/ Gal, always a Dumpling Guy/ Gal.

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