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Meeting Up at Gangnam Station


“Oppa'n Gangnam style.”

Meeting Up at Gangnam Station

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Another week gone by... and now "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on FRIYAY!"

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And there's no hotter place to be on a Friday night than in central Gangnam.

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You had me at "pizza." Actually, let's be real: you had me at "p."

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Bonjour from Chez Maak!

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The folks at Akbari don't mess around with their rolled omelettes.

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Even if you're not on #TeamTequila, you can always bat for #TeamTiramisu.

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A little birdy tells me Boncha Road leads you straight to the highway to happiness.

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Stacks on fried chicken on stacks on fried chicken on stacks. *_*

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Excuse me; I just need to take a minute to process this yolk porn action in front of me.

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Breakfast pancakes are, like, so last year. Pancakes for after hours? Now we're talking ;)

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What Friday in Korea would be complete without some good ol' sizzling pork belly?

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Friday night is, how do the younglings say it, lit.

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