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Famous Korean Bunsik Spots


“There's nothing better.”

Famous Korean Bunsik Spots

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For all the terrifying tales of never-ending schoolwork, Korean kids had it good.

 Pictures kelbron.tumblr.com

While icky cardboard-texture Lunchables were de rigueur among American schoolchildren...

 Pictures memila.tumblr.com

Behold this sizzling bad boy: the after-school snack(s) of choice on this side of town.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @최은정

You'll have to elbow your way past the constant droves of Korea University students.

 Pictures Instagram ID @eun_sol_jo

Why order just tteokbokki when you could get an actual feast?

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @Nayoung, Kim (Liz-)

Staying true to Jeju form: take a look at that divine deluge of fish cakes!

 Pictures Instagram ID @lucy_jung0911

No need to worry about an expanding waistline, as this dive is located near a large park.

 Pictures Instagram ID @hyuna_u

Teacher Baek strikes again with his sage advice: when in Busan, go to Leegane.

 Pictures MangoPlate ID @HKim

The folks at Nanumi have got both taste and aesthetics down pat.

 Pictures Instagram ID @skyelephant

I got 99 problems, but choosing from Sinsin's diverse menu ain't one.

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 Pictures Instagram ID @m_i_n_0_2

You may think Gangwon-do lacks good bunsik to hit the spot, but then you'd be wrong.

 Pictures iamaserver.tumblr.com

Bring on all the bunsik. I IZ READYYYY.

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