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2016-08-07 5,398

Clean Eats Around Seoul

For your #summerbodygoals

2016-08-07 5,398

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

Summer body, Y U NO make yourself? Ever wonder if healthy food can actually taste good?

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

Well, today we're gonna revamp your idea of healthy food & make your body goals a reality.

Garosu Street

Bad Farmers

(Closed restaurant)
망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @HKim

You've probably never felt so hipster while eating a salad until you tried Bad Farmers. 


Cafe Mamas

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @김주은

The rest can try to copy, but nothing will beat Cafe Mamas' ricotta cheese salad.

Garosu Street

March Rabbit

(Closed restaurant)
망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @AurorA

March Rabbit's Happy Vegan Salad might be able turn your I-hate-greens frown upside down.

Itaewon & Hannam

Plant Bakery

(Closed restaurant)
망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @MipaLee

Plant will have you like, "If vegan food tastes this good, I wouldn't mind converting." 

Yeonnam Dong

Refresh 5.7

(Closed restaurant)
망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @제인

You can be sure to get a bowl of superfood heaven at Refresh 5.7. 

Sinsa & Apgujeong


(Closed restaurant)
망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @식용왕성

Satt Bar, a stomping ground for the yogis, will relax your body & mind with bomb hummus.


Slunch Factory

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @MJ

Maybe not green eggs and ham, but green curry I'll take, Sam I Am.

Nonhyeon Dong

Under Yard

(Closed restaurant)
망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @Janis Pok

Not only do they serve a mean open sandwich, but also a super delicious salad. 

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

It's not just about looking good, but feeling good too. Treat your body with some greens.

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