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2016-07-19 2,973

Must-Try Korean Pancakes

Stacks on stacks

2016-07-19 2,973

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

Whoever said pancakes are only breakfast food obviously never tried Korean pancakes.

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

Night or day, in heat or in cold, Korean pancakes know no boundaries.

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

And don't let its slim appearance fool you, because they're actually pretty fattening. 

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @songpyun

Nothing beats having a dish of garlic chive pancakes with Korean rice wine on a rainy day.

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @songpyun

It would be wrong to leave out kimchi when, after all, we're talking about Korean food. 

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
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Don't forget to take a picture before you gulp these almost-too-pretty-to-eat pancakes! 

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @So So Def

The meat and veggie fillings are what make or break mung bean pancakes. 

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures
MangoPlate ID @김벼리

Dare we say Koreans make better potato pancakes than the Irish. 

망고플레이트 리뷰 Pictures

Mix 'em, spread 'em, flip 'em, and you've got delicious pancakes that'll make you drool. 

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