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If there’s one thing we really, really love, it’s eating. We love food and we are always on the lookout to find the next new food trend, to locate hidden gems and to discover good eats around South Korea. As much as we love to find great places to eat, we also love sharing our experiences with those around us. That is why we created MangoPlate: to create a service where people can find relevant, helpful and trustworthy restaurant information to guide them on what to eat. However, we understand that people’s experiences vary and often times sharing a food experience is difficult. So, we wrote up this guideline to help you on how to write a review and to ensure that your experience on MangoPlate is as useful, undisruptive and relevant as possible.

Be descriptive

    A good review is not necessarily a long review. However, a good review has details that provides information on key restaurant information such as food, ambience and service. Often times the best reviews offer tips on additional items such as parking, amenities and specific menu items. Remember that your reviews are posted publicly within MangoPlate and may influence someone to have a great food experience!

Be truthful

When you are writing a review, make sure that everything that you describe is the truth and that you write a review based on your own actual experience. Keep in mind that other people may be directly influenced by your review. So, please refrain from over embellishing or falsifying your experience. If we determine that a review may have been fabricated or over exaggerated, we unfortunately may delete the review. Any reviews that harshly criticizes a restaurant without providing evidence or additional information may also get deleted (e.g. “This place is trash! Never go!”). If multiple reviews are written in a short period of time on the same restaurant or the same restaurant chain, we may delete those reviews as well.

In addition, please refrain from not telling the whole story. If you received a free meal or an acquaintance of the owner of the restaurant please tell us in your reviews. The more honest you are, the better people can make the right decisions and be influenced by your review. Dishonest reviews will be deleted. If you are a food critic or a food blogger, let us know. We can provide a link to your blog/website on your profile page.

Be relevant

Please only post pictures and text relevant to MangoPlate and refrain from uploading anything unrelated to your restaurant experiences. If you post anything that is deemed irrelevant such as selfies, restaurant advertisements, etc., your review may be deleted and your account may be put on hold.

Be friendly

We are always grateful for your reviews. However, we do not tolerate any attack on others against their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, etc. Any content that is hateful, threatening, abusive or lewd, we will delete the content and the associated account will be deactivated.

Be yourself

Plagiarism is forbidden. Copying someone else’s review or uploading someone else’s picture are considered plagiarism. Please upload only what’s yours! Also, please refrain from posting other people’s personal information. Claiming to be someone else or creating false accounts is not allowed. Use only your own pictures and information on your profile.

Be appropriate

Spamming is never allowed and we have a team that checks for any suspicious behavior. Spam will be deleted and any accounts that are used for spamming or advertising will be deleted. 

Be within the law

Any reviews or pictures that you upload must be in compliance with local laws and regulations as well as these guidelines, MangoPlate’s Privacy Policy, and Terms of Agreement. Any content that appears to be in violation with any of the above, will be modified or deleted.

Be full

Our main mission is to ensure that everyone has enjoyable experiences eating and eating out. We hope that through our service, your restaurant search will be more enjoyable and efficient. Never go hungry!


To ensure the highest quality of information, MangoPlate continually manages the content within the app including reviews and pictures based on these guidelines. MangoPlate users also have the ability to report pictures, reviews or incorrect information within the app. If for some chance, an account has to be deactivated due to violation of the MangoPlate Community Guidelines, MangoPlate will notify the user via email. However, if an email is not registered with the account the account may be deactivated without further notice.

If you believe that a review, picture or account has been deleted/deactivated without premise, please send us an email at We will make sure to answer and resolve all your problems and matters.


Mangoplate Employee Code of Ethics

MangoPlate is a restaurant recommendation service that helps you resolve your daily problem of where to go eat by connecting you with trustworthy people as well as the best restaurants in South Korea. You can view honest and reliable reviews and ratings of restaurants and also contribute to our database of trustworthy reviews and ratings! 

Our team that reviews MangoPlate reviews and pictures strictly adhere to the MangoPlate community guidelines to ensure the utmost quality and relevancy of our content. We hope that the reviews and pictures that you upload, whether positive or negative, also adhere to these standards. 

We strive to provide you the best and personalized restaurant information and we do so by giving you unbiased restaurant information and recommendations. Since we do not deal directly with individual restaurants and do not receive advertisement fees, we cannot take any responsibility for your personal experiences at these restaurants. If you experience problems with a restaurant, please contact the restaurant representative directly. 

If you see any behavior or activity that goes against these guidelines, please send us an email at

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